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Declutter Your Life: Paauwerfully Organized offers great organizing tips, as well as paper and time management systems which will improve your productivity, reduce stress, and improve the quality of your personal and professional life. Discover your potential and help your organization realize greater success! Check out her Newsletter section for great tips on getting organized.

Purseket.com "Dig in your garden NOT in your purse!"

Do you have trouble finding your keys and other important things in your purse? Ever wish you had a more organized purse? With a Purseket  there's a pocket for everything!  With 4 different sizes they life so much easier!  I've been using mine for 4 years now and it's fantastic!

Web Developer Resources:

Webmonkey the web developer's resource! This is where I learned some of the more taxing aspects of html. These guys/gals have a way of explaining tables and frames that make it fun to read. This site is probably my favorite!

Web Developers Virtual Library for Web Developers and anyone wanting to know a bit more about web development. They have beginners tutorials as well as advanced tutorials for designing and creating your own web site.

DreamTemplate - Web Templates

Computer Safety:

NoAdware is a wonderful little program that packs a powerful punch!  I downloaded it out of desperation and ended up buying soon after.  It cleaned up several things that were critical issues and others that were severe. My computer speed is back to what to what it should be.  I can personally vouch for this one.


Free Software

With the cost of nearly everything going up these days, I've found an office suite that I just love! Open Office by Sun Micro Systems. I needed it for a spreadsheet recently when my Microsoft Excel got a bug of some sort and it worked beautifully. It's user friendly and best of all it's free!

Use OpenOffice.org

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